Beef & Vegetables Kids Dumplings 240g


Dumplings packed full of tasty beef and vegetables that little hands would clamour for.

  • Juicy bites of beef and veggies
  • Packed with nutrients
  • No MSG, preservatives, or artificial colours

Don’t tell the kids, but there’s a whole lot of veggies in these dumplings. There’s even celery! But with how delicious our Beef & Vegetable Dumplings are, the little ones would be none the wiser. The aromatic combination of beef, Napoli sauce, and pepper turns even the pickiest eater into a ‘Vegetable Lover’ (you’re welcome!) Feel good about serving this nutrient-stuffed, no-mess, fuss-free meal to growing bodies and minds. Our dumplings are also free of MSG, harmful preservatives, and artificial colouring. Their vibrant, appetising red colour comes from natural food dyes. Cook in boiling soup. Perfect for fueling little dreams and adventures in a quick – yet nutritious – way.

Ingredients:  Filling (60%)- Beef(45%), Napoli Sauce, Celery (20%), Onion (10%), Pea (10%), Water, Egg, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Sugar, Potato Starch, Lemon Juice, Pepper. Pastry (40%)- Wheat Flour, Water, Natural Colour, Vegetable Oil.


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