Chicken & Vegetables Kids Dumplings 240g


A creamy, cheesy delight packed with chicken goodness and fibre-rich vegetables.

  • Perfectly seasoned tender chicken
  • Stars tasty feta cheese
  • Free from MSG and artificial colours

The kids will jump at these Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings. Each is packed with protein and (shh!) 2 hidden veggies – cauliflower and spinach – then perfected with real feta cheese goodness. So creamy and cheesy; your little one wouldn’t suspect a thing! There are none of the usual icky artificial ingredients on the label, too. No MSG. No added preservatives. How are the dumplings so green, then? From natural sources. In other words: actual, easily recognisable foods instead of those made in a lab. Toss the dumplings into your little one's favourite soup for an utterly irresistible meal. Finally, a mess-free, wholesome, tasty meal you can quickly prepare and feel good about. The perfect solution for busy families.

Ingredients: Filling (60%)-Chicken (45%), Cauliflower (26%), Water, Cream, Parmesan Cheese, Spinach (3%), Feta, Salt, Sugar, Pepper. Pastry (40%)- Wheat Flour, Water, Natural Colour, Vegetable Oil.


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