Fish & Parmesan Kids Dumplings 240g


A cheery blend of irresistible parmesan cheese fishy goodness, and fibre-rich veggies. 

  • Big chunks of fresh fish
  • Creamy parmesan cheese
  • Free from MSG and artificial colours

Crafted from the perfect blend of protein (from our fishy friends!), carbohydrates (thanks to potato starch), and fat, our Fish Dumplings are tasty, yellow, multi-tasking packages of delight that will satisfy even the pickiest eater. Wait. Multi-tasking? Yep, in addition to delighting tastebuds, our dumplings also provide wholesome nutrition that’ll keep your kids going, growing, and exploring. Oh, and a generous helping of 100% real parmesan cheese thrown into the mix makes every bite a gooey, delicious, and melty experience. The icing on the cake: our dumplings are free from preservatives, MSG, and artificial flavouring. Their happy, bright yellow colour comes from natural food dyes! For a fuss-free, nutritious meal, toss our dumplings into boiling water.

Ingredients: Filling (60%) - Fish (44%), Pea, Corn, PARMESAN Cheese (13%), Egg, Vegetable Oil, Potato Starch, Sugar, Salt, Lemon Juice. Pastry (40%) - Wheat Flour, Water, Natural Colour, Vegetable Oil.


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