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At Dumpling 100 we are continually creating easy meal options that are tasty, healthy and easy to prepare. Real foods inspired by traditional family recipes, made with premium ingredients – sourced from local South Australian suppliers. By using South Australian produce, we not only support the local community but can ensure that only the highest quality ingredients go into all our products. Leave the cooking to us so you can connect more, laugh more, and live more.

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Authentic Recipe

Our combination of ingredients and flavours are unlike any other on the market.


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Nothing artificial

You can rest assure every product you bite into contains nothing artificial. 

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Our entire range contains only premium, authentic and flavoursome ingredients. 

100% locally owned & operated

We’re proud to say that Dumpling 100 is a 100% South Australian owned and operated business and the first and only dumpling manufacturer in SA. With majority of our ingredients sourced from local farms, our scrumptious range celebrate South Australia’s very own agriculture farmers. Dumpling 100 is committed to serving the local community. And when you support us, you’re supporting local. It’s truly a win-win situation.


Australian food manufacturing is one of the most professional and regulated industries in the world. At Dumpling 100, we have invested in a state of the art manufacturing system and developed a comprehensive workplace training protocol, to ensure we deliver on product quality. Our strict quality control during all stages of the manufacturing cycle enables us to produce premium product ranges.


Steve Dumpling 100

“My family is proud to work alongside local employees in our South Australian factory. We love creating innovative, delicious and authentic Asian style food – That can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Our professional team develop our recipes using local ingredients to create a range of easy to cook, quality frozen meals, that consumers would fall in love with everyday.”

– Steven Huang, Founder & CEO


We have one goal: to give you more opportunities to bond with those who matter in your life, with easy meal options that are as tasty as they are easy to prepare.  

We want to encourage more love and laughter in your life. What better way to achieve that than to share our delicious products, made with our Mum’s unique, traditional and secret recipes originating from our hometown in China?

Leave the cooking to us, and give yourself more time to bask in the sweet company of loved ones.

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