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Join the Dumpling 100 family in bringing Australia’s largest gourmet dumpling range to dumpling-lovers across the country! You’re backed by our professional recipe development team, highest food safety standards and our extensive experience in operations, training and development.

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Premium Quality

We source premium, local ingredients for our range. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and equipment ensures that our dumplings are consistent in shape and size from the outside. As well as being delicious and generously filled on the inside.

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not only do we have Australia’s largest range of dumplings, but we also have some pretty unique and on-trend flavours (ever tried a Butter Chicken dumpling?). And, we’re always developing new and exciting flavours for our restaurants.

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save on costs

Our centralised production process ensures the best food safety standards, consistency in recipes, quality and supply. Simply cook and serve!

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We have tried and tested different store models, including a streetfront store and kiosk/food court store within a large shopping centre. Equipped with our experience and complete system processes, we have been able to prove and master both models.

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You’ll be supported by our team in all areas of operations. From set up of everything you need, to training you and your staff, and opening your store for the first time.


A streetfront Dumpling100 express store is located in a busy suburb, with direct street frontage, and is surrounded by businesses and residents. This store has a lot of foot traffic coming past and serves it’s local community.


Australian food manufacturing is one of the most professional and regulated industries in the world. At Dumpling 100, we have invested in a state of the art manufacturing system and developed a comprehensive workplace training protocol, to ensure we deliver on product quality. Our strict quality control during all stages of the manufacturing cycle enables us to produce premium product ranges.


shopping centre / kiosk store 

This Dumpling100 Express store is situated in a large shopping centre and relies on high levels of foot traffic. These stores can be kiosks or storefronts at highly visible locations, such as the foodcourt or food precinct.

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Ready to be a part of the Dumpling 100 success story?

Contact us today and discover the exciting possibilities that await you as a Dumpling 100 franchisee. Together, let’s make dumpling-lovers across the nation fall in love with our delicious range of freshly steamed and pan-fried dumplings!

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How Do I Apply

Please complete and submit an online enquiry and the Franchising Team will be in contact to discuss with you further. You will then be provided with a Dumpling100 express information booklet and an application form to complete.

Do I Need To Have Previous Kitchen Experience And A Qualified Certificate To Operate?

You do not need to have any previous retail food experience. Dumpling100 express provides a 6-week training program to all new franchise partners.

A real benefit of being a Dumpling100 express franchise partner is that you don’t need qualified cooks or chefs to prepare the food. The food is delivered each week, and minimum opening preparation is required to start trading. Comprehensive training will be provided for franchise partners and their team members for kitchen preparation, procedures, food safety and hygiene practices.

As A Dumpling 100 Express Franchisee, Am I Expected To Work Full Time In The Store?

Dumpling100 express franchise partners are required to initially work full time in their store for a minimum 6-months from the store opening or handover.

We believe through our experience that our more successful stores are where the franchise partner is actively working in store and involved in their store as much as possible.

franchise with us

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